Sunday, October 13, 2013

Widebody Lexus IS F Flat Black

The Lexus IS F has a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 416 horsepower in the small IS body, which makes it not only fast as stink but good looking and luxurious to boot.  So how do you improve on that? put a widebody kit on it and paint it flat black of course. 

This flat black Lexus IS F by Five Axis has a sick looking widebody kit with really aggressive side skirts, a lip spoiler and tiny side mirrors.

The flat black IS F isn't totally blacked out, it has bronze wheels and a bronze rear diffuser to add a bit of contrast to it and make the flat black paint even more badass looking.

Flat Black 240SX S13 Murdered Out

These days it's rare to see a Nissan 240SX S13 in good condition.  It seems most S13s have been thrown sideways into a guard rail or tree by this point, so it's nice to see one in good condition that looks like it's actually loved like this murdered out 240SX.

This flat black Nissan 240SX has an aggressive body kit on the front end and side skirts along with a huge rear spoiler, which gives it a classic sports car look.  In the case of this flat black Nissan 240SX the term classic sports car means that it looks like the kind of sports car an early 90s movie would use to show that it was taking place in the future and since the early 90s was 20 years ago, the term is valid.

The most common swap for the 240SX is the JDM SR20DET, and it looks like this 240SX might have had that engine swapped in.  At the very least, this murdered out 240SX has a turbo engine and a front mount intercooler.

Most flat black 240SXs are painted with rattle cans to cover up body damage, but this murdered out Silvia S13 has blacked out tail lights and black wheels as well as a straight body proving that it is actually flat black by design.

Bloody Murder - Flat Black Lincoln Continental With Red Wheels and Tint

Murdered out cars are usually all black - black paint black wheels dark tint, no color at all.  That looks great, but what's more murderous than black?


Of course, if there's red in your murdered out car it had better look great, and this murdered out classic Lincoln Continental does.  This bloody murdered out Lincoln Continental has red wheels and red tint in addition to its flat black paint.

The red window tint on the murdered out Continental looks absolutely evil.

While the red tint on this murdered out Lincoln Continental looks great from outside, it has to be particularly special on the inside.  The back window is tinted red, so you can drive without fear of being blinded when people behind you leave their high beams on at night.

Classic cars with big wheels don't always work, but this murdered out Lincoln Continental looks right with the large rims.

The murdered out Continental has some classic red pinstriping in addition to the red tint and red wheels.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Murdered Out Jeep Wrangler On Wagon Wheels

Rock me momma like a wagon wheel
Rock me momma any way you feel
Hey momma rock me

it's the 21st century, so no matter how sweet the airbrushing on your van is, you'll never get it rocking.

A murdered out Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on some HUGE wagon wheels, on the other hand...

... Don't come a knocking.

You see a lot of black on black Wranglers, but you don't see many Wranglers on huge wheels, and a lot of offroad purists would threaten violence on the owner of the truck, but you can't deny the look is unique.  Something about this murdered out Wrangler's boxy classic styling makes the huge wheels look even more striking than they would on an Escalade or even a Grand Cherokee.

Image via Caliwheels on Instagram

Murdered Out Toyota Tundra With Blue Accents

I have seen the future of bro trucks, and it works.

This truck takes what's become a staple of the modified truck scene, the KMC five stars, and makes it look fresh and futuristic.  Sure you'll get some haters calling this murdered out Tundra a mall crawler, but they can take their beat up old Cherokees into the woods and stay there, this Tundra looks awesome.

This murdered out Tundra has 22" KMC wheels, a 7" coilover lift, fender flares, a suede interior, blue halo lights and blue accents on the wheels, emblems and on the RBP grill.  All together, the murdered out Tundra looks like you'd drive it in the year 2054 while running from the precrime police when your computer controlled car gets stopped.

Image via Caliwheels on Instagram

Monday, October 7, 2013

Murdered Out Ford Mustang Cobra

The 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra was called the Terminator Cobra during development and the name was so badass that it stuck.

If the Terminator (T100, not that sissy T1000 with his girly liquid body, real Terminators are solid) got to pick a car instead of just showing up naked to biker bars and stealing motorcycles, he would definitely pick a murdered out Mustang Cobra like this black on black Cobra.

Flat Black Mercedes SLR Fab Design Looks Like the Batmobile

The Mercedes SLR by Fab Designs looks an awful lot like a Batmobile, complete with a front emblem that looks like it flips horizontal to allow a machine gun to fire through the grill. In flat black, you'd be forgiven for assuming this was the Batmobile.

We all know Christopher Nolan's Batman drove a Murcielago when he wasn't running from the cops in the Tumbler, but the murdered out Mercedes-Benz SLR by Fab Designs fits Bruce's aesthetic just as well, and thank god there's no law saying playboy billionaires can only have one ridiculously gorgeous exotic car.