Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flat Black 240SX S13 Murdered Out

These days it's rare to see a Nissan 240SX S13 in good condition.  It seems most S13s have been thrown sideways into a guard rail or tree by this point, so it's nice to see one in good condition that looks like it's actually loved like this murdered out 240SX.

This flat black Nissan 240SX has an aggressive body kit on the front end and side skirts along with a huge rear spoiler, which gives it a classic sports car look.  In the case of this flat black Nissan 240SX the term classic sports car means that it looks like the kind of sports car an early 90s movie would use to show that it was taking place in the future and since the early 90s was 20 years ago, the term is valid.

The most common swap for the 240SX is the JDM SR20DET, and it looks like this 240SX might have had that engine swapped in.  At the very least, this murdered out 240SX has a turbo engine and a front mount intercooler.

Most flat black 240SXs are painted with rattle cans to cover up body damage, but this murdered out Silvia S13 has blacked out tail lights and black wheels as well as a straight body proving that it is actually flat black by design.


  1. How did you even get pics of this car ? I built it along time ago! funny I was browsing images since I am building a sc400 1jz swap and murdering it as well. It is good to see someone see what I was trying to do and salute the mid 80's sport car, very few ever did! Now it is blue and destroyed with dents and zip ties cause some kid wanted to be a drift king.

  2. Thanks for replying! I had these pics saved so I'm not sure where I found them. Great work on the car, sorry to hear it's sad fate but that's all too common for 240s. Let me know when you have the SC up and running I'd love to see it.